Medical Alert Center

The Medical Alert Center (MAC) coordinates the transfer of patients from private hospitals to county operated hospitals and tracks the bed availability and diversion status of 911 receiving hospitals 24 hours a day.
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(LA County network only)
Section Responsibilities
  • Coordinate patient transfer activities to all licensed acute care hospitals operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.
  • Coordination and support of multiple casualty incidents.
  • Coordinate of hyperbaric chamber team response and scuba diving incidents.
  • Coordinate placement of burn patients.
  • Coordinate trauma center destination for critically injured patients requiring helicopter transport from areas in Los Angeles County without a designated trauma center.
  • Coordinate interfacility helicopter transfers requiring use of public EMS providers.
  • Management of the Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio (HEAR) and Rapid Emergency Digital Data Interface Network (ReddiNet).
  • Monitoring and document hospital diversion requests.
  • Activation and management of the Department of Health Services Department Operations Center (DOC)

Mission Statement

The Medical Alert Center is dedicated to providing valuable, knowledgeable, and skilled resources to coordinate and support County patient transfer services, multiple casualty incidents, and disaster response activities.

Values Statement
            Team work – The focus is on shared goals and act on opportunities to help others, share
information and ideas for team improvement, and
acknowledge and value everyone’s contributions.

         Excellence – The Medical Alert Center strives for respect, quality and to maintain a high
standard of service to our community.
       Integrity - Honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do, as the ideal means
         to protect the overall safety, as well as assure confidentiality and
privacy.  We act consistent with our values.

        Can-Do-Attitude – The Medical Alert Center approach to each challenge believing that
together a solution can be achieved.

       Professionalism – We strive for excellence in professionalism to maintain the highest
quality of services and respect.

Knowledge – We value both the pursuit and increase of knowledge and its        
application to the services that we provide.

The Medical Alert Center Proudly
Recognizes the October 2012 Employee
of the Month: Jeremy Fahey


Additional Information

Call Center - 24/7
(866) 940-4401

John Quiroz
Program Director
(562) 347-1512

Staff Contacts

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Private Hospital Transfer Guidelines

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