Certification and Accreditation

The Prehospital Certification Section is responsible for the certification and accreditation of EMS personnel.

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Certification Fee Revision Effective March 1, 2014
All applications postmarked or received March 1 shall be subject to the revised fees identified in the above notice.

The EMS Agency no longer performs certification/recertification by walk-in or appointment with same-day service. Mail your complete application or submit in person during normal business hours. If submitting in person, bring all original documents and a duplicate as no copying of documents will be performed. In order to prevent a lapse in certification, submit your application at least 30 days prior to expiration along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The EMS Agency will process and mail your certification/recertification within 21 days of receiving a complete application.

If you have additional questions, call: (562)347-1500
send an email to: emtinfo@dhs.lacounty.gov

Lucy Hickey, MPA, BSN

Nicholas Todd, PM
Program Head, Prehospital Certification
(562) 347-1632

Yolanda Ramirez
Paramedic Accreditation
MICN Certification
(562) 347-1637

Susan Miller
EMT Certification

Section Responsibilities

EMT Information:

    **New 2011 L.A. County EMT Scope of Practice

EMT Certification/Recertification Requirements
Application for Initial Certification
Application for Recertification
Approved EMT Training Programs
EMT FAQ - Background/Criminal History
Frequently Asked Questions/General EMT Information
LA County EMT Scope of Practice
Live Scan Agency Locations
Live Scan Request Form
National Registry of EMTs Computer Based Testing
Notification of EMT Change of Address/EMS Employer
Skills Competency Verification Providers

Transition Course for National Registry Renewal

MICN Information
MICN Certification
Change of Status Update Form
MICN Application
MICN Statement of Continuing Education

   Additional Forms for Initial Certification:
   . Letter of Recommendation for (MICN) Certification
   . MICN Candidate Field Observation Documentation
   . MICN Radio Internship Evaluation Form
   . MICN Radio Internship Performance Evaluation

Paramedic Information
Approved Paramedic Training Programs
Accreditation Requirements
Change of Status Update Form
EMS Authority Paramedic Information
Accreditation Application
Paramedic Accreditation Study Materials
Transition Course for National Registry Renewal