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  The Ambulance Licensing Section oversees the private ambulance system in Los Angeles County.

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Los Angeles County Business Licenses Information
     1) Title 7 Business Licenses, Chapter 7.14 License Fees
     2) Title 7 Business Licenses, Chapter 7.16 Ambulances
     3) Title 7 Business Licenses, Chapter 7.17 Ambulettes





Amended Ambulance Ordinance: Revisions to the Los Angeles County Ambulance Ordinance and business license fees became effective on JULY 28, 2011. Among other changes, all ground and air ambulance operators who transport patients originating anywhere in Los Angeles County (both incorporated and unincorporated areas) are now required to obtain a Los Angeles County Ambulance Operator Business License. In addition to the currently licensed ambulance operators (refer to “Licensed Ambulance Operators”) under the Section Links on this page, the “Pending Ambulance Operator Applications” listing below identifies those existing ambulance operators that may continue to operate in the County, pending approval of their application.  Companies which may not operate pending approval of their application are also included and clearly identified on the “Pending Ambulance Operator Applications” listing.

 Public Hearings

         July 29, 2014 Public Hearing
      1. TransLife, Inc. **Continuation Hearing
      2. Rescue One Ambulance, Inc. **Continuation Hearing

         May 7, 2014 Public Hearing
      1.Enova Medical Response, Inc. **Denied – Appeal Pending

     Pending Ambulance Operator Applications
     Pending Ambulette Operator Applications
     Preparing for Ambulance/Ambulette Business License
       Public Hearings

Ambulance Operator/ Personnel Violations
    Report ambulance operator and/or ambulance personnel violations by completing and submitting a Los Angeles County EMS Agency Situation Report OR by e-mail to:  When submitting an e-mail, provide as much specific information as possible.  Photographs and other evidence of the alleged violation may be attached to the e-mail.

Overflow Agreement
    Request For Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) For
           Transportation Overflow Services



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